July 19, 2016

Our Program

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey?

We meet each other in a sober living environment. Our journey began just as yours is beginning now. Like most addicts we’ve encountered, we came into the recovery world with our tails between our legs, battered and beaten. Years of drug and alcohol abuse had finally brought us to our knees. With the idea of sobriety so far from anything we thought possible, we turned to each other for accountability, support, and fellowship. We carried these principles into our personal lives in the hopes of achieving a life we could only dream about. We have made strides in doing so by continually working towards long term sobriety and working with others. We have found that there’s nothing we can’t achieve with a power greater than ourselves as our guiding light. Are You Ready To Begin Your Journey?

Founders: James May and Spencer Steinfounders
Program Director: Justin Paulusjustin

Why SOS?

We provide a level of care that is essential for developing and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle in sobriety.


• Six-month minimum commitment • Attend all mandatory groups and meetings • Follow all rules and comply with level system • Adhere to random drug screening • Have a sponsor

Our Services

• Weekly progress monitoring with recovery coach • Spirituality enhancement • Life skills training • 12-Step big book study • Supportive recovery community • Monthly community activity • morning check-ins & Curfew check-ins • Added accountability • Among other services


• Gated community apartment living • Fully furnished living space • Pool and fitness room • Close proximity to interstate & public transportation • 2 miles from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield • 25 miles from downtown Atlanta