July 19, 2016

Rules and Regulations

S.O.S. Rules and Regulations

  • No Drugs or Alcohol
  • No Females in apartment
  • No Smoking in apartment
  • No Pornography
  • No Fighting or Violence
  • No Stealing
  • No Gambling
  • No Tattoos within first 30 days (monitored after)
  • No new romantic relationships
  • No breaking of any laws
  • Disrespecting or yelling at staff is not allowed
  • Rent must be paid on time
  • Apartment must be clean and maintained (Inspection 9 A.M.)
  • Approved Guests only/ No overnight Guests
  • Weekend Passes must be turned in 2 weeks prior to request date and must be approved by staff
  • Must take medications (if prescribed by doctor or therapist)
  • Adherence to random Drug Screening. Failure to Comply is an automatic fail
  • Must work a 12 Steps program
  • Must attend 90 meetings in 90 days (at least one meeting a day for 90 days)
  • Must have sponsor within 2 weeks of move-in date
  • Must be on site by assigned curfew time
  • Wake up time M-F: 8:30 am

Phase Graduation Process

Phase I (30 Days)

  • Before moving on to Phase II the client must complete the following:
  • Must follow buddy system unless going to school¬†or work.
  • Must have attended one meeting a day for 30 days.
  • Must pass all drug screens.
  • Must have a sponsor.
  • Must follow treatment plan (if applicable).
  • Must attend all S.O.S. mandatory meetings and must participate in meetings. This also includes participation in life coach sessions.
  • If all these requirements have been met during the first 30 days, the client will graduate to Phase II.

Phase II (3 Months)

  • Once the client has successfully completed Phase I and graduated to Phase II, the client is now eligible for weekend passes which will be approved by S.O.S. staff. The client will only be allowed eight weekend passes during phase II.
  • Must continue to complete 90 meetings in 90 days (1 meeting a day for 90 days.)
  • Must pass all drug screens.
  • Must continue to follow all rules.
  • Must have a job, volunteer work, or school.
  • Must have a sponsor and continue 12 Step work and have a home group.
  • After complete assessment by S.O.S. staff, the client can graduate the S.O.S. program or continue on to Phase III.

Phase III (2 Months)

  • The client must continue to follow all rules, must have a job, volunteer, or be in school.
  • The client must continue to pass all drug screens.
  • The client must continue to attend meetings and be involved in 12 Step program.

Phase IV (Optional)

  • No curfew
  • Must adhere to random drug screens